Guidelines for Articles

The authors who wish to publish their articles should have followed the following guidelines strictly.

Post your original articles

The article should be original. Submitting someone else’s writing as your own is not accepted. We go through a rough round of copyright infringement check before updating from our side. Also, if any person later complains of their work being stolen, we will remove the article and the author will be accountable for it.


Articles in either Nepali or English language will be published.  Articles in unicode language (Eg: Writing “Mero desh Nepal ho” instead of “मेरो देश नेपाल हो ” ) won’t be published. Before you submit the article, please check the spelling and grammar. A little mistakes will be edited my the team of editors on Meroaawaz, but in case of lots of such mistakes, the article will be sent back to the author for correction. 


No Discriminaton

Discrimination against any race, sex, cast, culture, community or nationality is not accepted. Articles giving such messages will not be published.


Complaints and Rants

Yes, you have every right to complain or rant about something you don’t like. But this platform won’t exercise unnecessary rants and debates. We would love to publish your ideas and solutions on the things you don’t like, rather than an article with a heated rant from the very first line. Our aim is to make this platform focused more on ideas and solutions rather than complaints and unnecessary debates.


No any Threats of violence

Articles with any messages appealing towards violence is not accepted and not published. 


No Advertisement 

Any articles meaning to strictly promote any business party will not be accepted.


No Pornography, Vulgarity or Spams

No way any articles with pornography content, vulgarity or spam will be published.


Personal attack and Privacy Violation

We don’t publish any articles which is meant to be a personal attack and articles violating someone else’s privacy. We don’t publish any articles accusing someone without any evidence.


Misleading Information

We do not publish any false facts and misleading information. We go through a check of the facts and information you have put in your articles.


Conflicting Articles or Content

If Meroaawaz feels the content of any article or the whole article itself conflicting, it has every right not to publish either the selected content or the whole article itself.



We understand that every one of us possess the right to Freedom of Speech and Expression, but it is also our duty that we do it in a wise and civilized manner. Our idea is to make this platform clean and have healthy discussions, and also to look for ideas and solutions in a problem rather than rants and complains .