Little story from my childhood.

Little story from my childhood.

I was a naughty child when was a kid. All i wanted to do was play, meet people,watch movies/cartoon and travel. I was not very fond of education system from the young age. I used to bunk school and go to places, i wanted to see whole valley as i remember. I don’t remember my exact age at the time, i could have been 10-11 yrs old. This story is about that particular day when i had a sudden urge of seeing a animals.

So, i decided going to a zoo. I gathered as much money as i could , I made a plan. I obviously bunked the school just to go to the zoo. I used to live in Teuda, Ason as a child and zoo was at Jawalakhel. I took a tuk-tuk tampu and reached at zoo. I went to the ticket counter and asked for a ticket, they gave me a discount because i was in a school dress. As i entered zoo, i was very curious to see a lion because lion was my favorite animal and i had never seen one. So, i walked seeing all the animals, birds, reptiles and fishes. They were all beautiful. I got to see a zookeeper feeding a tiger. There were four tigers , the man was throwing a big chunk of meat at tiger by calling there name. I was really happy to see that, he asked me “do you want to throw some”? I was just amazed because he asked me that. With a big smile in my face i shook my head yes and he handed me one big chunk and i threw it to a tiger. I was little so i couldn’t throw it that far but tiger came running for a meat and he ate it.

Zoo is a very big place for a child, i walked all day being fascinated by animals. There was a little play ground and fun games where kids could play. I played, I had so much fun. But time was running out, still i didn’t get to see a lion. I thought there was no lion in the zoo. I was getting sad and making my way out of zoo. As i was walking there was a empty cage, i couldn’t see any animal in that cage. I walked disappointed but what happened at that time made me remember that particular day till now. I heard little growling from inside the cage, I walked back to the cage but couldn’t see anything because cage was a bit dark, then i heard a animal taking his big deep breath. I noticed one animal was covered by sackcloth. I wondered why. What was it? I was so curious to know. It was completely covered and then that animal try to move his body but he was not able to do that but somehow sackcloth started to fall on the ground reveling his face. It was a lion ,I couldn’t believe it. He looked me into my eyes. He was really old he could barely move his body but he gazed into my eye like he wanted to say something but he was just an animal what could he possibly say to me? I walked away. My day was fulfilled because i got to see a lion perhaps last lion of my country Nepal. I went home and no i didn’t got in trouble leaving the school.

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