Nepalese Youths

Nepalese Youths

What will you do after plus two? Need not think twice, of course I will do IELTS and fly to Australia. This is the common aspiration of college students even now in Nepal. I find many brothers and sisters seeking for Australian visa with IELTS or US visa with TOEFL and SAT. It is great to widen perspective, opt for further studies and choose any university that you fit comfortable. Studying at reputed university increases their credibility in the job market worldwide. But the main problem is impulsive action of youngsters. They presume easy life with high pay and easy job at abroad and even manage a handsome amount required to pay at University. When most of them reach their destination without proper scholarships and assistance, their dreams of settled life gets shattered. This is a case of one type of students pursuing further studies without preparation.

Unlike them, some youngsters have target of successful attempt of Public Service Commission examination for government offices jobs so that they don’t need to take risk in future and have safe landing. Usually I find them less enthusiastic about the privilege of being able to serve lot of people and changing their life. Apparently, such youths are liable and responsible for their families only, they cannot think big about the benefits of community as a whole.

However, we need not be disappointed. Still we find abundant youths who are dedicated to be the change the country wants to see. Many entrepreneurs are emerging with new startups that can prosper in Nepal. A lot of them have studied abroad and have returned back to contribute from their side. As GDP of Nepal is hugely contributed by remittance, the prospects of nation development are very high when youths leaving for foreign countries for employment at average rate of 1500 daily, return back with acquired skills and start being entrepreneurs, think and act creatively to tackle prevalent problems of Nepal. Well educated and trained youths can contribute their skills in respective fields and finally contribute to economy. They can give services as doctors, engineers, technicians, teachers, lecturers, administrators and as per their capacity. Youths can even approach for joint venture sustainable projects for community development such as volunteering as a teacher in remote places, establishing community cooperatives and micro finance for high yield and valuable plants, agro tourism and awareness campaign. Population of Nepal is on its way to mark 30 million with annual growth rate of 1.07 percent. So more youth forces are joining in near future which is a great sign for future human resources required for socio economic development activities.

Youths can change the pace of development through education, employment and empowerment. Nepalese youths have acquired higher education relevant for development of Nepal as well, initiated startups and provided jobs to many. However, we need more youths who think logically, rationally and open mindedly rather than achieving degrees alone so that innovative solutions to existing problems can be found. Elon Musk, the Tesla, SpaceX boss, co-founder of PayPal and a great entrepreneur, who made 22 million dollars at age of 28, prefers skills rather than degrees. Similarly, youths need to actively participate in decision making activities of community by the means of either political attachment or service oriented clubs since their future are concerned. To sum up, it’s now or never. If youths of today cannot be aware about existing situation and contribute from their part in nation building then they have no rights to criticize the leaders about sluggish development of country and seek for their rights alone.

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