Revolution through Education

Revolution through Education

A fancy dream is being sold by the politicians to the gullible citizens since the last decade, “Next Singapore” or the “Next Switzerland”. How possible is it? Is this just a vote vending machine dialogue or something that can be done? How much do you believe in it? Well, I am an optimist and also a realist. From what I can feel is that this is certainly possible to the absolute inches. But one thing I am pretty sure about this is that it’s not going to happen with the current philosophy of the government and also from the other powerhouse eyeing the government, drooling and hoping to turnaround in the next election. Why am I so sure about this? Because on fundamental and basic principle that a country gets build upon, the most powerful tool above everything has been neglected for ages and there is absolute no hope that will  get a “U” turn. It’s something that no country has ever achieved prosperity without it also something that all the underdeveloped countries have had on the root of its problem in common. It’s the standard of education in the country.

There is not a single country in the world which has had continuous and rapid development without education, and especially taking into account the rapidly developed countries like UAE or South Korea or China. Not a single one of these countries has a poor quality of education system like we do. No country has reached that height with the education standards like we do. We believe UAE has become what it is now by selling its oil, well that’s true, but UAE has never compromised on its education. Why do every developed or rapidly developed country has this core belief that without education overall prosperity is not possible? The answer is simple, because what really makes a difference at the end is the quality of manpower that a country produces. In every sector of the country, be it in completion of huge projects, formulating or implementing law and order, being a civil servant, an entrepreneur, or a teacher or a student, the difference between in their levels of education is so visible on the outside. Country with an excellent education produces manpower that can challenge the present context of the world, building the largest skyscrapers to the largest hydropower station. While a country with minimal skills introduced in the basic education system will have compromise in it, let alone dream it. A country producing unskilled people through its own education system, when gets in charge of the country, becomes the most disastrous, it becomes a team which can never implement a plan to perfection. Our country’s inability to spend the allocated budget on time despite making wonderful programs is just one, making election manifestos look like we’ll be the next America within 3 years is another, and on top of that, people believing in that is just another. Be it the post of the prime minister or a common citizen, the overall status if education is what we see with a bird’s eye view of the country. Be it Switzerland or Nepal.

I feel really bad saying this but I feel this education system seems to be a huge scam and a syndicate played by the government on us. By “This education system” I am referring to the government education. Remember the Rana regime where they deliberately tried to suppress education so that people won’t realize the ongoing crisis of the country and express themselves? Only a few could get to study and most of them the highest order of people representing the families of the government. The situation is the same. If everyone could get the best possible education than they would realize that you people who come door to door with both hands joined begging for votes, you are simply not capable to lead the country. By no means is your standard of education and intellect good enough to implement the election manifesto you have produced. Take for example, a incompetent leader goes to a group of people who have just enough to make their meets need and have absolutely no understanding of the economy and development, the leader tells him that he will turn the country into Singapore or Switzerland with their over ambitious and impossible projects within two years, how easy it is to convince him. How easy it is to embed false hopes into someone who doesn’t know how a country can prosper with big international loans and minimal execution and a hidden massive corruption on top of it. How easily that group of people can be persuaded. But on the other hand, take a group of well-educated people in account, people who know the economy, current situation and who can understand the capability if the current leaders, will they ever believe the false hopes and lies they are trying to throw at them? Will they believe in just on blink of an eye, this devastated government policy will be perfect and we will turn into Switzerland in two years? No way. The leaders know if the whole country gets the best possible education from the grassroots level, in next ten years a generation of well-educated people will be produced who will realize that the people who are in the pole position now are not capable to make this country prosperous. And this is the biggest threat to the current leaders who are or are fighting for their turn in the government. And this will be the end of their political career.

This government, in their election manifesto promised the budget for the education to be 20% of the total budget. That was what they promised. The budget they presented on education now is exactly half of what they promised, 10%, again distributing false hopes for votes and not living up to it. With an old dirty habit of not being able to use the available budget, its adds salt on the wound.

Private schools can never fulfill the needs of a required manpower in a country. It has to and it must come through the government schooling system. Being a country with just aroiund a 1000USD Yearly income, only a handful of the people can afford the current private education. Most people have to go through the government schooling system and it’s that bunch of people who are the backbone for the progression of the country. Private schooling cannot make up the required manpower in the country. There is not a single developed country in the world where it’s manpower is dependent on the private schooling system, because for a balanced development of the country, an excellent governmental education system is a must, because it’s that system through with the poorest people can utilize to prosper and bring themselves up. And in a country where there isn’t a system where the poor can prosper and challenge the rich, there is no progressive development, just bunch of rich people getting richer and poor poorer. With our current scenario of budgeting and absolutely no urgency shown on education, we will be just as we are now after two decades. Yes, we might have 7 or 8% economic growth every year, but compare it with other countries, they have nearly the same. So as a result we will be where we are right now, richer people but a poor country and still among the developing countries.

One easy solution to improve the standards of the government education rapidly at this present time would be to digitalize the education system. Sounds ambitious right? Imagine the governmental school students getting the same quality of education as of the private schools in the country. Today, in the 21st century education can be transformed in audio and video format which would be so easy to share in all the part of the country at once. And this sharing I am taking about is not through the internet because it will take at least take a decade for internet to be easily accessible in every part of the country. It can be shared through CDs and Drives just like we deliver books around the country; just what we’ll need is a projector and computer in every classroom of the government school. And yes this is not ambitious. The overall cost to install a laptop and a projector in a classroom and training the teachers to use it would cost around 1.5 thousand crores. Sounds a big amount but totally affordable with the current unused budget at the end of this fiscal year. Remember this will be a onetime investment and the only cost will be for it’s maintenance which will very minimal. The recorded videos of the best teachers can be transferred swiftly across all the parts of the country. Students from the primary level will be able to learn from the best of the teachers in the country. There can be training sessions for the teachers too very easily. Teachers there will be able to learn more form the best teachers in the country and their quality will be raised further for better. The overall standard of students in the country will no doubt be changed within a few years.

But with ambitious projects come big challenges. With corruption in every sector, the project has to be totally transparent and under continuous supervision. This has to be supported whole heartedly by the government. Also, some but few schools might not have the required infrastructures to support this project, which has to be established. Regular and interesting updates on the curriculum would be required, which doesn’t sound be a big deal and regular maintenance will be required which shouldn’t be a problem too. If we could work on the establishment of the required infrastructure and digital education side by side, we could see a start of a new era of the country. A Revolution through Education. Once it kicks in, the face of the country will start to change just in less than a decade. The dream “Singapore” or “Switzerland” will be visible just around the corner. A new revolution in the country will arise, Revolution through education.

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